Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Teacher Heaven

During a visit to the Grade 2 classroom today, the teacher that came to observe my class last week pulled out the Class/Yes! to get everyone's attention.  Even though it is a small room and it was packed with parents, Grade 2s and Grade 1s, the room was silent in seconds.  I think I teared up a little:)  Then, when I was leaving, I pulled it out to gather my class, followed by "Line!' to which my students responded with "Line, line, line!" Making a fast, quiet line, we promptly left the classroom.  Can I get a oh yeah!!

Also, the kids spontaneously asked to play Super Speed Numbers today.  I think I'll have to photocopy some Super Speed Math booklets for tomorrow!

However, my favourite event was when some students were reading their short stories to the class.  After one little boy read his story to the class, he proceeded to ask the class questions regarding the characters and plot of the story - he even used the vocabulary words problem and solution!  Teacher heaven!!!!!  Thank you Power Pix!!


  1. Oh yeah! That definitely sounds like teacher heaven to me!