Friday, 11 November 2011

Super Improver Wall Twist

I saw this on forum and I had to share  it is so "brilliant"!!!

Just love the Super Improver Wall! My sixth grade students have added a new twist. At the end of my class, after I call out,"Any Super Improvers?" Hands wave wildly as students take turns calling out what amazing new thing they have learned or improved in! Everone chimes back in a sing song "SUPER IMPROVER!" and the student gets to put their own sticker up as they leave for their next class. It's a super way to summarize the day's lesson...a super positive way to end the class. Teachers at our school are required to write lesson plans with a "summarizer" at the end to bring lessons to closure....but my kids do it! The principal was doing a "walk through" as we ended math yesterday and she was impressed with my(their)summarizer and the overall excitement! Me too! Where's my hankie? Brilliant!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Mighty Oh Yeah/Groan Alternatives

Here are some Mighty Oh Yeah/Groan Alternatives:

Booyah!  Boo!

Smooth!  Rocky!

Cha-ching!  Oh snap!

Bazinga!  No points for you!

Bam!!  More butter!

Bingo!  Fiddlesticks!

Yum Turkey!  Oh my pumpkin pie!

Treasure!  Walk the plank!

Superfly!   That's Wack!

Ho, ho, ho!  No presents for you!

Right on!  Not cool!

Fantastic, Bubble Plastic!  Oh rats!!

It always helps if you are feeling it and the class is too.  Have them brainstorm some ideas and pick the one they seem most into.  Any other ideas?