Monday, 20 June 2011

My Venture Down Mystery Road

Last week and this week I have begun playing Mystery Road with my class.  I drew a path on the chalkboard with three detours leading to a magnet or "Mystery" prize, game, or treat (Mind Soccer, extra recess, extra centers, etc.).  The final destination was the biggest magnet and represented the biggest "Mystery".   Then I took my Mickey Mouse magnet and started it at the beginning of the path.

I introduced the game by explaining that good behaviour and following the rules would move Mickey down the path.  Once Mickey reached an intersection, good behaviour would send Mickey down that path to a mystery surprise.  Of course, there would always be the option to bypass a path or retreat back away from the mystery surprise depending on behaviour.  As the day progressed, sometimes I would say, "Wow! That good behaviour earned you 1 cm of Mickey movement down Mystery Road!" or "Let's see if can clean up by the time I count down from 20 and you could earn 1 cm down Mystery Road!"  Then I would take out my ruler and use it to model measurement.

Mystery Road has increased focus, excitement, and fun in my classroom.  My kids and I are having a BLAST!!  Can I get an OH YEAH!!


  1. I love how you reinforced measurement with your reward!

    Is this something you did in addition to the scoreboard?

  2. Thanks Ali! Yes - Chris Biffle came up with it to use as supplement. You could use it to work on a certain rule or just for added incentive.