Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Crazy Professor Reading Game Fun!

Today I decided it was time to play the Crazy Professor Reading Game with my Grade 1's.  I watched Chris Rekstad's video first.  Then, I showed it to my class.  I gave my kids options of books and paired them together with similar ability reading partners.

Three observations:

1.  It was hard to transition to the next level of the game because everyone finished at different times.  Next time, I would have everyone read the same book until we got all the levels down.  I still think some groups would have down time.  Any suggestions about what they could do while they wait?  I just had them continue to the next level.  I guess they could repeat that same level again until everyone else was ready to move on.

2.  Some students found it too loud to concentrate.  I sent one pair out in the hall, which worked well.  I also quieted the class as Chris suggested in the video.

3.  Some pairs were not being very good partners.  We had to stop and practice at times.  This will come with practice I assume.

Overall, my class liked the Crazy Professor Reading Game.  A few pairs really got into it.  Who knows what will happen next time!!  One student commented that her head hurt afterwards.  I told her, with glee, that it must be because she was working so hard and learning so much that her brain created new learning pathways!!  Can I get a ten fingered woo!!!

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