Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Repetition, repetition, repetition...

Another teacher came to see my class yesterday and she is totally on board with WBT!  Today she tried it out - at every break she came to gush about everything she loves about it.  It is very exciting.  What I like about it is that now when I am on supervision at lunch in her classroom all I have to say is "Class" to get their attention!  Once everyone is on board the continuity at our school will be through the roof!  Oh yeah!!  Better for all students and teachers? - I think yes!!!

More importantly, I realized again how vital teaching a lesson more than once is to learning.  When that same teacher came to observe I decided to do a lesson I had done twice before - reviewing the less than/more than rule.  Low and behold, I had about 90% of my kids catching on and using the less than/more than sign correctly.  I would say that this is at least 15% more than last time I taught the lesson.  I would attribute this to my increased knowledge and familiarity with the lesson, as well as my students familiarity with the concept.  Repetition is the key my friends!!

Super Speed 100 is still a hit.  My kids are even begging me to do it during their spare time!!!!  Another game that we have been playing lately and that my students BEG to play is Corners.  I decided to do a variation one day and now it is similar to Mind Soccer.  The basic rules of the game are as follows: I stand in the middle of the room and count down from 10 with my eyes closed.  All students find a corner to stand in. (If they are in between corners when I open my eyes they are automatically out!)  I turn around and point to a corner and then open my eyes.  In the regular game of Corners all those students in that corner would be out (go back to their seats, go for recess, be dismissed, etc.)  I now call it Super Corners.  Every one in the corner I point to must answer a question of my choosing (spell a word, answer a math fact, give a definition, etc.)  We play until there is one person left in the game.  Often everyone is still playing and then everyone wins.  My students LOVE this game!  (In the gym, I call it Super Dooper Corners:)


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  3. Wow, thanks for that great adaption of Corners!! I will use it next year! Super Corners, all right!