Friday, 4 November 2011

Mighty Oh Yeah/Groan Alternatives

Here are some Mighty Oh Yeah/Groan Alternatives:

Booyah!  Boo!

Smooth!  Rocky!

Cha-ching!  Oh snap!

Bazinga!  No points for you!

Bam!!  More butter!

Bingo!  Fiddlesticks!

Yum Turkey!  Oh my pumpkin pie!

Treasure!  Walk the plank!

Superfly!   That's Wack!

Ho, ho, ho!  No presents for you!

Right on!  Not cool!

Fantastic, Bubble Plastic!  Oh rats!!

It always helps if you are feeling it and the class is too.  Have them brainstorm some ideas and pick the one they seem most into.  Any other ideas?


  1. Here are some Jeff Battle posted on the forum!

    Mighty Oh Yeahs:

    Pirate style- cover right eye, make left index finger into a hook "Arrrr!"

    Surfer Style- Wave hands with thumb and little finger out- "Righteous, Dude!" or "Gnarly, Dude!"

    Touchdown- Throw both hands straight up enthusiastically- "Touchdown!"

    Basketball- Mime a jump shot- "Nothing but net!"

    Nemo style- Clap hands, throw hands up- "Sharkbait! HuHaHa!"

    Silent Wow- This one is silent- mime a clap throw hand up on either side of your face, three fingers up on each hand, while you make an O with your mouth. You have made a WOW.

    Sparkles- Give a clap and an oh yeah, and snap your fingers several times while waving your arms around.

    Fireworks- Clap, bring hands over your head, and as you clap again say "Bang!" then hiss and wave your fingers as your slowly lower your hands. That is the sizzle of the fireworks.