Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Laminator...Wallis AND a Conference Near ME!! Mattawa, WA here I come!

Meet my new Scotch Laminator Wallis!!!!   I heart Wallis - he is a smiler, fast, heats up like a darn and plasticizes to my hearts delight!!  Love that guy!  $30 at Walmart in Canada - cannot go wrong!!!  

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I went to work laminating right away and I can already tell you I made a few of my teacher pals envious:D  But of course they are welcome to use it anytime!  Yes!!  I love visitors!!!

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I just thought I would show a few picts and gush a little about how easy and efficient Wallis is!!  Definitely better then paying a wack load of money to get laminating done at a store or waiting months for laminating to return from the district office!!  Not me!  I have Wallis now!!

Now for some even more exciting news!!  I am off to Mattawa, Washington Wednesday, August 22nd, a mere 5 hours from my house for a FREE Whole Brain Teaching day conference with Chris Biffle himself!!  I e-mailed Chris right away and he replied with the following message!

Get ready to do some demo lessons!!!  On the fly.  No warning.  Of course.  Also, please work on your back handsprings, full pike, double twist, with the dipsy doo landing.

So I am off to do some light stretching and to look at myself in the mirror as I practice my animated expressions;)!!!  Wish me luck!  I am so pumped!  If any of you Canadian WBT teachers are reading , come and join me!!!  The more the merrier!!  It isn't that far!!


  1. That's great! You'll have no problem with the "dipsy doo landing"! That audience will LOVE you!
    I just posted your genius ladder in my post today!

    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class

  2. I love your blog! I have gotten several ideas from what you have posted, and am really excited to star tth enew year with WBT! Thanks for your amazing posts!I am giving you a blog award! Go to my blog and find the award and post it on your site!

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  3. You will be great!!!!!!!