Saturday, 16 June 2012

WBT's Top 3 Most Useful Ideas

1. Power Pix: These innovative Pix have revolutionized my teaching style, allowing me to revisit previously taught concepts regularly thanks to the Power Pix Wall, reach all different learning styles, and hone my students critical thinking skills (Compare and contrast those Power Pix!).

2. Teach/OK!: This technique has engaged all of my students by getting them talking and using language during lessons.  Rather than just a few being engaged, everyone is involved and learning.  Moreover, everyone is listening because they know that at some point they will have to talk to their neighbour about what is being taught.  My students are excellent listeners!!

3. Scoreboard: Management wise, there is no other method like the Scoreboard.  Kids love games and the Scoreboard allows me to manage my class effectively in a game-like setting.

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