Saturday, 2 June 2012

Power Pix, Teacher Blogs, and Pinterest!

My inspiration level has truly hit the fan this week!!!!  First, I have discovered so many amazing teacher blogs with SO many cool ideas!!  I knew they were out there but I hadn't fully grasped the amazing community of sharing and collaboration that is available to all teachers through blogging.  Check out all the wonderful resources at Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT Store).

First, I was searching for an activity to help reinforce how to make inferences with my kiddies.  I ran into this amazing inferring activity created by Babbling Abby.  I had to use it in my classroom.  I knew my students would EAT it up!

Through Abby, I stumbled on The First Grade Parade by Cara Carroll and totally fell in love with her writing style and her great teaching ideas.  A shout out to her for her amazingness and excellent taste!!!!  In Mrs. Carroll fashion, I ADORE the fonts and graphics she uses and her activities are so appealing and applicable.  I am for sure going to implement Math Tubs into my classroom!!

I began following Cara on Pinterest  and found this other amazing site called Blog Hoppin' by Stacy Johnson.  Cara had pinned an activity on 10 More/10 Less, which I had just finished teaching using a WBT Power Pix to my class.  I just had to use it in class the next day to help practice and reinforce our new skills - I knew my class would be crazy for it.

My new goal is to create, find, buy at the TPT store, etc. fun games for Math Tubs or LA Centres to match each of the Power Pix as activities for my students to play once the lesson is finished.  Happy blogging!!!

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