Friday, 22 July 2011

Phoenix Conference Synergy!

It was so amazing to meet the Whole Brain Teaching crew in Phoenix for the first time these past four days!  What an awesome, creative, terrific bunch.  Hi to Coach B, Chris R., Farrah, Deb and my dedicated driver Angela M., who all made me feel at home and part of the team:)

Furthermore, it was wonderful to meet and talk to all the passionate teachers in Phoenix.  Those kids are sure to be blown away by everything you bring to the table on a daily basis!  May Whole Brain Teaching inspire you in your teaching.  Questions, comments, and concerns are vehemently welcomed as you weave WBT into your daily teaching.

This weekend, the Genius Ladder, inspired my teaching.  I will be using it daily with my students this year to help improve their writing. Oh yeah!  See the forum at for more on this cutting-edge WBT concept.

Also, tune into my blog for a future post tentatively titled, "New to WBT? Here is how!"

Happy teaching!

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