Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New to WBT? Here is how!

When I first began Whole Brain Teaching I didn't have the luxury of going to a conference, even though they are free:)  So I began by using several different resources that WBT has to offer.

1. I began by watching all of the videos on youtube.com - I am primarily a visual learner so I watched them over and over gain, especially Andrea Schindler's Kindergarten video.  Every time I watched it I saw new strategies!

2.  I practiced in the mirror and with my sister.  Basically, I taught a lesson with my sister and she played the role of the student.  This was very helpful as it helped me utilize the words and it allowed me to practice out-loud so I could find the right order and rhythm.  Also, it was a lot of fun for both of us.

3. I read all of the free e-books available on the website.  Yes, it was a lot of reading but the stories and techniques are so good that it went by really fast!!!

4.  I began reading all previous and new posts on the forum.  I found these very helpful and useful for solving problems in the classroom.

5. I began signing up for weekly free webinars with Chris Biffle on Thursday nights.  These particular sessions went through the Big 7 and gave me a clear visual, as well as different variations for using them in the classroom.  Look for future webinars offered by WBT.

6. Then, I logged in to attend the free Livestream chat sessions on Saturday mornings given by Chris Biffle on the Brain Toys.  This was amazing because I could participate with comments and suggestions.  Look for future Livestream sessions offered by WBT.

7.  Finally, I attended the conference in Phoenix.  This really helped to fine tune the little things although I did find out that I was doing most of the techniques correctly!  Oh yeah!

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