Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Beginning Gradually in the Classroom

So here is Andrea Schindler's document for starting Kinder adjusted for First Grade!

Day One:
Class Yes!
Rules 1-5
Scoreboard Game
Hands and Eyes!
Criss Cross Applesauce
Bubble in your mouth
Lines, Lines, Lines
Seats, Seat, Seats
Cubbies, Cubbies, Cubbies
Backpacks, Backpacks, Backpacks
Tell your neighbour

Day Two:
Practice all the routines introduced so far
Teach your first 5 Step Lesson
Pencils and Erasers, Pencils and Erasers, Pencils and Erasers
Name, Name, Name
Work, Work, Work
Papers, Papers, Papers
It’s cool
Ten finger woo

Day Three:
Practice all the routines introduced so far
Continue to teach one 5 Step Lesson a day - try to make them short as it is the beginning of the year.

Week 2:
Practice all the routines introduced so far
Weekly Stars (When students get 10 stars, which usually takes about a week, they earn a special reward, like a five minute game of Mind Soccer).
Introduce the Practice Cards when you feel the time is right and approximately 85% of your students have bought into the Scoreboard Game. If you start the Practice Cards too soon you will have a ton of students practicing and the goal is not to have any if possible. Some teachers wait until Thanksgiving or January to introduce them and some do not use them at all. It really depends on your class:) Begin with the white cards. Gradually, introduce the purple and green cards - this may happen days, weeks or months later. Remember, it is a long year:)
Month 2:
Begin teaching two Five Step Lessons plans per day. You may even increase this to 3 or 4.
“Milestones to Reach for Further Routines”:

*If you have used the individual pocket chart and still have a select group of students who are exhibiting undesired behaviors, use the Independents Group

*Once students are comfortable with “Tell your neighbor”, move to “Teach! Okay!”, with both students talking

*Once students are comfortable with “Teach! Okay!” add in the "Switch!"
*Once students are comfortable with "Switch!" add in "Tag Team"
*Once students are comfortable with the “Teach! Okay!”, teach the students the Crazy Professor Reading Game.

Here it is in google.docs


  1. I just found your blog in my learning about WBT. I'm starting with WBT on Monday for the first day of school. Do you have any advice about the 5 step lesson plan? I like it, but it seems a little complicated. Thanks! Katie

  2. Hi Katie,

    My advice for the 5 Step Lesson is write the 5 Steps on the board. Or, if you have a Smartboard, have a slide for each step in the lesson. For example, I would write:

    1) Question
    2) Answer
    3) Explanation/Example
    4) Yes/No Way! - Cutie Test
    5) Critical Thinking/Activity

    Remember to hug each step with Class/Yes! and Teach! Okay! and you will have it made! Also, practice your gestures along with your question and answer before hand so you have it straight in your head. Have your Power Pic handy so you can refer to it during your lesson. Good luck!!

  3. One more thing - use the provided examples for Yes/No Way! and the Cutie test from the Power Pix. Have them in front of you so that when it is time to play the game you can read off of them, rather than scramble to think up some of your own. It gets easier the more you do it so just keep practicing!

  4. Thank you! I didn't realize the examples were on the power pix. That will help! Katie

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  6. What is seats seats seats and lines lines lines? I tried searching the WBT site and you tube but couldn't find anything. Where could I look?

  7. Hey Alexis - Andrea Schinder's video (expanded version) shows her using lines and seats. Basically the teacher says line and the students respond by saying line line line. Practice lining up the way you want them to by the time you count down from 15 to earn a smilie. Seats is the same except students are heading to their seats. Look on the website under goodies in the menu at the top and then under that heading look for six common procedures for a more detailed explanation. Practice and beating records is really key with these procedures.

  8. Please help me implement this! I started today with Class, yes smiles/frowns and I only have half participating. Help!!!!!!!

  9. Ping ponging back and forth between smilies and frownies is key. Also, practicing how you want the class to respond - Oh yeah! Mighty Groan! Also, deciding what they will earn if they get more smilies than frownies. I usually let them choose a short game, center time or 1 minute extra recess. Also, you may have to allow them to lose once or twice so they get the message you mean business. You can tell them that you expect 100% participation. Do lots of demonstrations as to how they can earn Smilies and the way not to earn Smilies. Remember to own it - the more you believe in it and make it fun the more your students will, as well!! Good luck and keep the questions coming!!

  10. How often do you recommend switching partners for teach/okay? Do students have the same partner all year?

  11. Hi! Sorry this took awhile - I was away camping:)

    I would definitely switch the partners up every once in awhile. Some are better teachers than others and some really need a change after a week or two of a frustrating partner!