Saturday, 18 May 2013

Free Common Core Whole Brain Teaching Lessons You Don't Have to Teach!!

So I have been able to tune into the free webinars every Monday put on by Chris Biffle and his latest series has involved free lessons, using Whole Brain Teaching, that cover Common Core concepts!!  Genius!!  This is just perfect for May and June!!!  

All you have to do is be a free member of the Whole Brain Teaching website, select Free Ebooks from the menu at the top and click on Common Core.  There are several different Adobe files to download and use IMMEDIATELY in the classroom!!!  Topics include verbs, comparing, contrasting, sentences, topic sentences, paragraphs, inferences, evidence, using because, etc!

I have used two lessons in my Grade 1 classroom with GREAT success!  The first one I used was on topic sentences!  Students get to attend Whole Brain College and Coach B had them so revved up and ready to learn!!!  All I had to do was read what was written on each slide!!  The second lesson I used was on verbs and boy was it effective!

Some little tips: in Adobe go to the view menu and select Full Screen Mode.  Use the arrows on your keyboard to move from one slide to the other or back.

I'd love to hear if you tried it out and how it worked for you!! Let me know!!!


  1. Thanks for pointing out the common core language arts presentations. I think they will be very helpful. I'm new at WBT so I appreciate your help.

  2. Liann,

    I've been following your blog since before I started my own blogging adventure and was so happy to find another Canadian WBT blogger! I've learnt so much from your posts and you've always been willing to support me with my blogging projects. To celebrate everything you've done, I'd like to award you with the Proud Canadian Blogger Award started by Patti at Madly Learning.

    You can check out my blog post to learn more. Congrats and thanks again!

    Miss L
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