Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pointer Counting WBT Lesson and Activity

Last week I taught my very first math lesson with Power Pix!  It was so much fun!  The kids had a great time because of course it involved a little snack...  These are a bit of a review from Kindergarten but I like to start my year off with them just to see where my kiddos are at!  Here is a little synopsis of my lesson plan:

Class/Yes! "Today we are going to be talking about pointer counting!  Tell your neighbour what we will be talking about!"

Class/Yes! I show them the Power Pix. Mirror! Mirror check!  "The question is: What is pointer counting?"  Mirror and Words, " counting?" Class/Yes! "The answer is: Pointer counting is pointing and counting!" (with gestures).  Mirror and words. "Pointer counting is pointing and counting."
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Class/Yes! "Turn to your neighbour and one partner will ask the question - What is pointer counting? and the other will answer with big gestures - Pointer counting is pointing and counting - over and over until I say switch." Teach/OK! Oh, oh, Switch!

Class/Yes! "Now let's practice.  Let's count these _____________.  Count with me!  Now let's count these ______________ the wrong way." Count and skip a number or begin at 2 instead of 1.  "That is the how not to pointer count!  Oh yeah!"  Give a few more examples.  "Turn to your neighbour and come up with some Example Poppers of how to pointer count and how not to pointer count.  Be prepared to use a Because Clapper in your answer!"    Class/Yes! "What are some of the Example Poppers you came up with?"

Class/Yes! "Now it is time for the Yes!/No Way game.  If what I say is true, say Yes!  If what I say is not true, say No Way!"

Is this pointer counting?
Is this the pointer counting Power Pix?
Is this the pointer counting gesture?

Class/Yes! "Now it is time to play Cutie!  When I say Cutie! put your head down on your desk, cover your eyes and put your fist out in front of you.  If what I say is true, put your thumb up.  If what I say is not true, put your thumb down.  Cutie!"

Pointer counting is pointing and counting.
2, 5, 27, 6 is pointer counting.
1, 2, 3, 4 is pointer counting.

"Heads up! Now we will practice pointer counting with a snack attack!!  Take each penguin and fill the circles.  Starting at the arrow, pointer count as you eat!"

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