Monday, 30 April 2012

Student Leadership Thoughts

So over the last couple of days I have had two student leaders.  When I first started using student leadership I felt like I needed to give everyone a turn at being a leader.  Then, I read Farrah Shipley's blog and saw that she had 4 or 5 main student leaders.  Each student leader was chosen based on true, quality leadership and not just because everyone should get a turn.  And why shouldn't those who exhibit strong leadership qualities be recognized and rewarded?  Not everyone has the skill and therefore until they prove worthy only those demonstrating said qualities will become student leaders.  That is not to say that I won't help students build those qualities of leadership within other students - still, only those who step up to the plate will lead.  Hopefully, this will boost the confidence of those leading, as well as provide a role model and an inspiration for the other students.  From now on, student leaders will be chosen because they deserve to lead and not just because it is their turn!


  1. I think that picking leaders based on true leadership qualities best demonstrates the purpose of the activity. If every child is given a turn just for the sake of having a turn the definition of leadership may be skewed in a few student's minds, especially if a certain student is not actually displaying the correct qualities. I do think, however, that a classroom should provide varied opportunities that require different skill-sets so that ALL students have an opportunity to shine as a leader (athletics, academics, subject-specific knowledge, extra-curriculars, etc). Best wishes!