Sunday, 24 April 2011

WBT exhausting?

Many people, fellow teachers, family, anyone who has seen WBT in action, ask if I am exhausted after a whole day of high energy:)

If I'm being honest...I am still tired some days but I am so HAPPY!  The relief I feel that I have a behaviour plan that works is so satisfying and comforting.  There are steps to follow and a Plan B if Plan A doesn't work.  My students are engaged, involved and excited about school and learning.  My stress level is WAY lower.  We laugh more as a class and we play all day as we learn.

To sum up, I would say I use less energy with WBT than I did previously due to the worrying and, yes, frustration I would experience on those days when my class was especially energetic.  Now, their energy is put into our learning.  What more could I ask for?

P.S. When I am super tired, my student leaders run the classroom!  Can I get an OH YEAH for student leadership!!


  1. I agree. I may still be tired, but I'd much rather go home tired and satisfied with a day that ran smoothly than to go home utterly exhausted from the stress of merely trying to maintain order.

    I'd love to hear more about what your student leaders do!

  2. I agree completely. Students can be so helpful if you use their energy. Plus students want to help it is important to them.

    The thing you don't ever see in WBT videos is the independent work (that would be a boring video). Even if you use WBT students still need to do their own work, independently. That time provides everyone with some quieter environment to work. Even if my students are talking things out the tone is different than the high energy teaching moments.

  3. Hi allisong,

    Currently, I choose one student leader a day based on how well a student teaches their neighbour. This student receives a button that they wear all day. Some of their duties include:

    1. Choosing groups to come to the carpet.
    2. Choosing the next slide for the Morning Routine Power Point on the SmartBoard.
    3. Line Leader
    4. Teaching the class a concept.

    I know other teachers use their leaders for the Class/Yes and the Teach/OK, etc. I haven't gotten there yet but I plan to in the future.

  4. So agree that I feel so much better with WBT then without. Also with WBT the students are doing most of the work, not me so they are the tired ones :)